i love

A little about me:
I’m a wife. A mommy to 3 beautiful babies. A stay at home mom & business owner/photographer.

I’m a southern girl. That sweet tea loving, porch swinging, laid paid, deep roots kind.

FAMILY is everything. 
They are my why. Why my road lead here. Why I push myself to be better. Why I believe YOUR stories are so important.. I don't want you to forget one chapter, because I know how much I want to hold onto each of mine.

Hi Y'all, It's Megan



gorgeous florals

iced coffee



vintage cars

It's simple: Love. Legacy. Connection.
My goal is to capture LOVE in every session. The snuggles with your sweetheart, the giggles with your kiddos, that fresh kind of love of a new baby.. These moments we capture are a part of your LEGACY, they tell your story! Something that you & your loved ones can hold onto for years to come.
I love sharing in the seasons of your life! My heart truly yearns for the CONNECTIONS I get to make. This journey God has brought me on, has become my way to love & serve others!

Life only happens once, why not pause it

my Philosophy